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KMSpico v10.2.0
KMSpico v10.2.0

About KMSpico Activator

This activator was created for learning purposes only. You are responsible how you use it. To put these formalities aside this program helps you to learn how windows 10 activation works and it’s internal mechanisms. You could learn how to arm and rearm windows activation also get deep down into advanced settings where you can choose from many activation options and find the best settings for specific activation sequence. If you want you could also dug down into source code of the software too as this is freeware open source application.

Looking into the log tab you will find there detailed log of every action activator is performing in real time. Simply speaking you could learn how windows 10 activation works from the client and server sides.

Also with this tool you can insert your own bought windows 10 license!  but there are certain requirements for the tool to work.

Requirements for the Activator Tool:

.NET Framework 4.0 or any Windows 10 version with preinstalled package

KMSpico activation tool works with these windows versions: Windows 7 Professional/N/Enterprise also all versions of Windows 8 and 8.1 MS Office 2010 – 2013 + Windows Server 2012 and Windows 10 All versions.

Instructions How To Use a Tool:

1. Run setup file. 

2. Install KMSpico Loader. 

3. Launch KMSpico application and follow ReadMe file to activate your Product. 

4. That’s it enjoy your Activated Windows 10  version.

 Video Instructions for windows 10 activation

Releases of KMSpico Activator

Version history information:

* Fixed some of the internal bugs related to activating MS Office 2010.
* Added very nice feature that activator removes  KMSpico emulated ip addresses in Windows8.1 and Windows 10 platforms after completing activation process.

* Activator from now on supports office 2016 pro edition and also a trial version too.

* Fixed some random bugs in microsoft office 2016 activation and mostly this update touched the preview version and it converted all keys to VL.
* The gvlks support was added for windows server 2016 edition.
* The certs were added for all MS Office 2016 Preview windows versions.

v10.0.5 Beta
*Fixed fixed some old bugs founded in advanced panel.
*Some small bugs found and fixed.

* Full support for Windows 10 TP Build 9888 were added.

* Fixed this nasty bug in Vista Business version.
* Fixed 9860 upgrade from 9841 issues with removing watermarks..

* 9860/9xxx watermark bug fixed

* Fixed watermark remover so it works beautiful from the first try..

* Support was added for Windows 10/Windows Server 10


If you have any questions related to windows 10 activator go to FAQ section.

KMSpico.download team.

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